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Homeownership Resources

We help local teachers and first responders, like you, who build and shape the future!

Two teachers give the camera a fistbump while smiling. Gray and white hats.

Our goal as an organization is to empower and educate the young people of New Orleans. We believe that no one is better positioned to make a positive impact in a young persons life than their teachers.


That is why we have developed a service learning experience and curriculum that any teacher could use to teach students important life lessons like basic construction skills, financial literacy, leadership, and the importance of civic engagement.


Currently we are involved with many schools across the area in various capacities. If you are a teacher at a school that we don’t currently work with but would like to see YRNO at your school please contact us.

Teachers are uniquely positioned to make such a large impact on the youth of New Orleans we have designated them as the only individuals eligible to purchase homes from Youth Rebuilding New Orleans.

We also believe that teachers are the cornerstones necessary to rebuilding the educational system in New Orleans. Teaching isn’t easy and it certainly doesn’t pay well so we’ve developed a way for our volunteers and students to give back to those teachers that are

making an impact on their daily lives.


We do this by buying flooded and foreclosed homes, fixing them up with the students that we impact, and sell the homes to deserving teachers at around 80% of the market rate. We can do this because our cost structure relies on volunteers to dramatically reduce the cost of rebuilding the homes.

From First Responder To First-Time Home Buyer.

Soft Second Mortgage Program

Are you overwhelmed navigating the many first time home buyer programs in New Orleans? Youth Rebuilding New Orleans helps first time home buyers find the resources and programs that best fits their needs. Take advantage of the city’s soft second mortgage program by purchasing a Youth Rebuilding New Orleans home!

About The Program

“The homebuyer will receive only the amount of soft second funding that is needed to close the affordability gap which will be determined by need and annual household income. To be eligible for assistance, homebuyers must complete a pre-approved 12-hour homebuyer training course to prepare them to qualify for a mortgage and to become homeowners, sign a purchase contract for a home and obtain a commitment for a first mortgage.”

“The term ‘soft second’ comes from the fact that the government is subsidizing money for potential homeowners through forgivable loans to purchase property and become first-time homebuyers. This subsidized loan bridges the affordability gap between the price of the home including closing costs and the maximum amount a homebuyer can borrow with a first mortgage loan.”

Candidates must be:

  • Certified Louisiana teachers, first responders, or medical workers to qualify to purchase our homes; however, we can still help you if you do not qualify for this specific program..

Grant Opportunities

If you fall within 80%-120% of the Annual Median Income (AMI) range and you are a first time home buyer, you could qualify for grants to help you purchase a home!

Get Started

We have partnered with other nonprofits to maximize the impact we make for our community. For more information, you can read the information below or visit the city’s website. 


Please contact our organization, if you or someone you may know could qualify for this program. Some applicants can qualify for up to $65,000 in forgivable loans.

From The City Of New Orleans:

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